Convert (Any?) Video to PSP video format on linux


FFMPEG is a linux based application which is also a solution in streaming and converting almost any audio and video format. That includes video format for gadget or handheld device such as mobile phone video (3gp), iPod, and PSP.

In this writing I will try to elaborate my findings about video conversion, although for now this is still incomplete.

Okay, here’s a simple trick to convert video file into PSP video format, so that the video can be playable on PSP:
$ ffmpeg -i INPUTVIDEO -f psp -r 29.97 -b 512k -ar 24000 -ab 64k -s 320x240 M4V00001.MP4

Then you’ll have M4V00001.MP4, copy that into your PSP. Several articles point out that PSP only reckon video files which follow this file naming rule (M4VXXXXX.mp4). I actually haven’t tried this out because of my PSP is still somewhere on my sister’s room. I’ll update this post as soon as I found the thing.

If the command above doesn’t work (error unsupported codec for output stream), try install this package

Or check out these links about converting video into PSP video format: (In Indonesian Language)

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