Tiled Multiple GNOME Terminal

2015 update:

  • now I use the more superior¬†Terminator.
  • I am now aware of tiling window manager (i3, awesome, etc.).

When I do stuff with Linux, 68% of them are terminal/shell work. And most of them needs many tty/terminals at once. In Ubuntu, or generally in GNOME Desktop Manager, arranging multiple terminal layout every time you need it can be such a pain in the ass. Here’s a simple shortcut to open multiple gnome-terminal with arranged (tiled) position:


gnome-terminal –geometry=157×22+0+670 &
gnome-terminal –geometry=80×20+700 &
gnome-terminal –geometry=100×20+0 &

You can save the script into a file, and put it in $PATH directory. For example:


Then change the file mode bits to make that executable:

$ sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/multiterm

And here is what it looks like

Multiple tiled GNOME Terminal

Multiple tiled gnome-terminal

For the sake of simplicity and ease of access, you can put a shortcut on the GNOME panel to launch the script with a single click of the mouse.